Mosquito Control

When you’re looking for a simple way to knock down the mosquito population in your backyard, ask about our mosquito suppression service. MHIS Pest Control Services technicians are trained to identify and treat mosquito-prone areas so that you see results quickly. Protect your family from these disease-carrying pests. For more information, call (832) 323-2550. Ready to start? Request a quote online now. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas.

Mosquito Control Houston TX

General Pest Treatment Package


Quarterly service program that reduces current pest populations as well as creates a barrier against future insect intruders.

  • Treats: cockroaches, ants, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, crickets, earwigs, and wasps.
  • Includes: Removal of wasp nests and spider webs from accessible areas.


Your Bugs Are Our Bugs. Take Back Your Outdoor Space Today!

Mosquito Treatment Houston TX

Our Mosquito Treatement Process

Backyard mosquito control can be as simple as a quick home visit from a technician. (We also offer a more comprehensive mosquito treatment, we also offer state-of-the-art eco-friendly misting systems and standard mosquito misting systems.)

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Our technician identifies mosquito breeding and harborage areas, such as standing water and foliage.
  2. The tech then treats these areas, choosing from a variety of methods they deem best based on present conditions. We frequently use mechanical fixes and a backpack fogger, but we may also use other things like dust insecticides or baits.
  3. Treatment can be repeated monthly during the mosquito season (typically March through October), or you may purchase it as a one-time service.

Other Pest Services

While we’re eliminating mosquitos, keep in mind that we can help with any other pest issues you may have. We know that you work hard to create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for entertaining and family relaxation. Don’t let uninvited critters spoil the party. Our pest services include the following:

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Why Choose Us?

There are so many reasons to choose us for pest control, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Operate as a family-owned business.
  • Live in the neighborhoods we serve.
  • Go the extra mile to serve clients by doing tasks like removing spider webs.
  • Give discounts to veterans, first responders, and schoolteachers.
  • Have the best-rated, eco-friendly products that are safe for families and pets.
  • Feature a 2-in-1 Lawn Solutions system that allows application of pest control products and lawn fertilizer at the same time.
  • Offer one-time treatments.
  • Provide an economical and effective service package.
  • Promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Make your yard habitable again with the mosquito control services from MHIS Pest Control Services. We’ll eliminate the tormenting, disease-carrying pests so that you can relax in the haven of your own backyard. We can even help cool off the area with our state-of-the-art vapor misting systems. For more information, call (832) 323-2550. You can also request a quote online now. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas including Cypress, Montgomery, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Spring, Texas.

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