Lawn Treatment Systems

Make lawn maintenance easy with our 2-in-1 Lawn Treatment System. Pest control product and fertilizer can be dispersed through your existing lawn sprinkler system. You also have the option of replacing fertilizer with deer or snake repellent. MHIS Pest Control Services carries the highest-rated eco-friendly pest product on the market. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas. Call (832) 323-2550 for more information about our products and services and why you should choose us. You can also request a quote online now.

Eco-friendly Misting System Houston TX

Your Bugs Are Our Bugs. Take Back Your Outdoor Space Today!

Natural, Powerful & Safe

Our eco-friendly outdoor misting system is truly natural and effective.

Cool Misting System Houston TX
  • Our product is safe for people, pets, butterflies, bees, fish, trees, and shrubs. There are no toxic poisons to affect your lungs or skin. The all-natural ingredients break down as they should.
  • Our eco-friendly system is also safe for paths and hardscape. It won’t stain, and once it’s dry, it is not slippery.
  • It is as effective or more effective than toxic alternatives like Pyrethrins, Permethrins, and Malathion.
  • It is a powerful blend composed of a precise combination of six different active ingredients, all of which are essential oils: cedar, citronella, lemongrass, garlic, geraniol, and rosemary.
  • The product eliminates mosquitos by coating them in natural oils, clogging up their airway tubes, and suffocating them in a matter of moments.
  • It also goes after larvae in standing water in much the same way.
  • Fortunately, it is also effective against fleas, ticks, fire ants, and many other biting insects.
  • Independent laboratory testing shows that our product kills at least 98% of mosquitos and will then repel new ones for one to two weeks.
Mosquito Control Mist Systems Houston

How It Works

Our dual-reservoir machine simply hooks into existing or new lawn irrigation systems to treat the entire yard.

  1. We attach a line from our machine to your sprinkler system.
  2. It runs independently of the sprinkler’s watering cycle. We set it to run once a week or however often you need for the desired results.
  3. Did we mention our hard-to-find dual reservoir system? One reservoir contains the eco-friendly pest control; the second reservoir can contain whatever you like. Most of our clients request an organic fertilization product, snake repellant, or deer repellant. We can even put organic fragrances in the second reservoir. If you desire, we can change out the second reservoir seasonally, as the product is used up.
  4. We handle all the maintenance (including refilling reservoirs) of the system.

First Steps Toward Reducing Mosquitos

Prior to setting up the system, we have established a protocol that sets the stage for success:

  1. Identify breeding areas of mosquitos on and around the property and remove them when possible.
    1. Standing water.
    2. Piles of cut grass and fallen leaves.
    3. Fence rows of tall grasses and weeds.
    4. Gutters of debris.
    5. We need homeowners’ help to maintain these steps for best results.
  2. Identify and treat mosquito harborage areas throughout the yard.
  3. Monitor results and retreat on a monthly basis throughout the mosquito season, which is typically March through October.
  4. Enjoy your yard and outdoor entertaining spaces pest-free!

Our vapor misting systems will also help to cool off any outdoor entertainment/play areas of your yard. Together, these two systems can give you back many hours of fun in both daytime and evenings. If mosquitos aren’t your only problem, be sure to check out our pest services section for help with other annoying invaders including termites, ants, and rodents, just to name a few.

For the best eco-friendly misting system on the market, contact MHIS Pest Control at (832) 323-2550 for more information. We also carry a standard mosquito misting system for your convenience. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas including Katy, Magnolia, Humble, Kingwood, and Willis. Request a quote online now.

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